Rachel Bufford

Rachel Bufford has over 20 years of experience in operations with a diverse and extensive background in operation management and compliance.  

Rachel’s comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and best practices has equipped her with exceptional attention to detail and strong analytical skills; allowing her to navigate complex operations and compliance frameworks successfully.  

Prior to her role as Operations Partner at 0924 Management, Rachel held key positions at Trilogy Health Services, most recently serving as Senior Director of Employee Relations. There, she contributed to the organization's success by managing the relationship between employees and the company while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. Her efforts led to enhanced operational efficiency, improved quality of care, and increased patient satisfaction.   

With her wealth of experience, unwavering commitment to excellence, and passion for improving operational efficiency, Rachel’s highly honed expertise will contribute to the success and growth of 0924 Management.  

Rachel holds a bachelor's degree from Asbury University and held a nursing home administrator license for several years. In addition to her professional endeavors, Rachel has a strong passion for health and wellness and spending time with her family.