Continuously Striving to Live Our Mission of Being the BEST in All We Do

Our corestrategy is built around investing in people and businesses that align with our values, vision, and purpose of serving others; first.  


Included in this effort is support for The Bufford Family Foundation, which operates by a simple belief - Helping Others is Always the Right Thing To Do. 

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Thoughtfully Invest in Initiatives That Embody Our BEST Core Values



Values are the compass that guide our actions and decisions.

  • We understand the power of positive impact, driven by ethical practices and a firm commitment to the greater good.
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The standard that permeates every aspect of our work.

  • Our commitment to excellence ensures that we exceed expectations through continuous reflection, improvement, and innovation.


We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to those we serve.

  • This is accomplished through humility, caring, and anticipating the needs of others ahead of our own.


The foundation of all relationships; requires embracing openness and honesty.

  • We earn trust through transparency, accountability, and consistent delivery on our promises.

0924 Investments, LLC is the holding company entity supporting The Bufford Family Office and related entities in philanthropic and direct investments in early childhood education and related operating businesses, and private equity/angel opportunities. 

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